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How to win – 10 golden rules

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  1. Choose one or more reliable bookmakers. If you choose more bookmakers than you will be able to always bet at largest possible odds and at all possible events.
  2. Never bet what you can't afford to lose.
  3. Always bet within your bankroll. Bet the same percentage of your set playing bankroll on every game (maximum 5 %) no matter how much you think you like the bet. Don’t make too large bets!
  4. Know your sport & know your math!
  5. Bet on 1 event only.
  6. Don’t bet on low odds.
  7. Always look to support unfashionable teams playing above themselves. Stop backing famous names.
  8. Learn to accept losing picks.
  9. Track your betting record.
  10. Do not be a casualty of Gambling.