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In using Sportnbets.com web pages you agree and acknowledge the following terms and conditions:
1. Sportnbets.com will guarantee a minimum of 10 tips per week for all subscribers. Please bear in mind 10 tips is the ABSOLUTE MINIMUM.
2. Sportnbets.com will always try to be as accurate as possible but will not be held responsible for any incorrect information.
3. Customer is not allowed to share the purchased information with any third party. Each customer is wholly responsible for maintaining the secrecy of his account and should prevent the use of his personal account by any third party.
4. Sportnbets.com will never share your email address or other information about you.
5. We are not responsible in the event that money is lost through any betting activity, either direct or indirect. Entering Sportnbets.com website is on customer’s own responsibility.
6. You agree you are not classified as a compulsive gambler, you are acting on your own behalf and you are not restricted by limited legal capacity.
7. To register on Sportnbets.com you need to enter a valid email address, username and password, and you need to agree to this Terms and Conditions. You should be sure to use a valid email address when registering. You should also keep your email address up to date. If you use an invalid email address, you may find it difficult to retrieve your password and get customer service.
8. The contents of Sportnbets.com web pages are copyrighted. Reproduction, distribution, storage or transfer of part or all of the contents in any form without the prior written permission of Sportnbets.com is strictly prohibited.